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It's good to give, better to receive, and best of all to combine the two. That sums up the ulterior kindness behind this website. Customers are increasingly looking for systems with web interface options, and this site serves as a test bed for that technology. But at the same time, I've tried to make the content here reasonably amusing so people are encouraged to visit. Enjoy! But to hold up your end of the bargain, feel free to mention any weird, consistent problems you notice to me (THEPROJECT "at"

Note that this page, served by a little ColdFire MCF5282 evaluation board, may not always be around since I use these same electronics occasionally for other things. (Update: Now running on a 200MHz PPC -- but the ColdFire is doing just fine.)

Link Date Description
12-3-12 Writings
Whenever there's something to say, but no one to listen.
2-19-12 MB68k-100
68000 Inspired Single Board Computer documentation package
10-7-07 TaleChain
A CGI based web application where the last two entries of an accumulating story are displayed. From this you're invited to crank-up the imagination and contribute an entry of your own. After that, the reward is getting to peek at the entire, ridiculous conglomeration. This has got one up on the old Telephone game, so don't be shy.
Note that if you're not quite in a creative mood and just want to jump straight to the story, simply leave the entry body blank and submit. The only problem with that is - Boring!!!
9-6-03 Thorough Thoughts on Thermodynamics
A catharsis for the theoretical physics running through my head at the time, this paper suggests an interesting interpretation of thermodynamics following from an approach rooted in Shannon's information theory.
2002 firstWWW
First foray into Web development as a mandatory college project -- How inspiring!! Lots of little trinkets of the Microsoft Internet Explorer era.

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